Hal and Barbara Tyler Fund



Recently, Virginia Tyler — a long-time friend of Northwest Youth Corps — approached NYC with the idea of memorializing her parents, Hal and Barbara Tyler, through a scholarship fund. Hal and Barbara were both third-generation Oregonians who gave a deep love of nature to their children and grandchildren, and who taught the importance about caring for the natural world and helping others.

Recently, on the 76th anniversary of their wedding, Northwest Youth Corps was honored to join with Virginia in announcing the establishment of the Hal and Barbara Tyler Fund as part of NYC’s Tuition Assistance Endowment. Assistance from the Hal and Barbara Tyler Fund will help remove financial barriers to NYC’s program for young people who want to make a difference in their communities, and become the thoughtful leaders of tomorrow. 

Virginia told NYC she was happy to be able to do this and knew that the establishment of the Fund would have delighted her folks.

“Since the first NYC graduation I attended when my daughter worked at NYC more than a decade ago, I’ve felt that NYC is unparalleled in accomplishing its mission. Our family is excited to be able to help you continue and expand your wonderful work.”

Join Virginia, and make an impact for generations as you permanently increase NYC’s capacity to support young people.

NYC’s Tuition Assistance Endowment was established through a gift made by Steve Stewart in memory of his mother, Dorothy Elizabeth Stewart. NYC’s Endowment grows through the ongoing support of our alumni and community donors. Named funds in alphabetical order include: Campbell Group Fund, Datalogic Fund, Hal and Barbara Tyler Fund, Krist Anderson Fund, Scott Foremny Fund, Straub Family Fund, and Wyss Foundation Fund. Once established, Named Funds are professionally managed in perpetuity, and grow through ongoing gifts from donors and community members.

For more information, or to a gift or bequest, please contact NYC’s Development department at nataliew@nwyouthcorps.org, or (541) 393-4019. Thank you!