Project Spotlight – Olympic National Forest



In partnership with the Olympic National Forest, our summer Youth Camping Washington Orange Crew completed a number projects from August 14-18th, 2023. 

Some of the projects included: 

  • 2 Bathroom Interiors painted.
  • 2 Bathroom doors painted.
  • 2 picnic tables assembled.
  • 2 old picnic tables disassembled.
  • 4 Old fire rings removed (with concrete anchoring them)
  • 4 New fire rings installed.
  • Half a load of gravel approximately 7 tons of gravel spread throughout campground (Klahowya) and Trail (Bogachiel)
  • Brushed approximately .25-acre Amphitheater (deferred maintenance) in Klahowya Campground as well as brushed around the exterior of both vault toilets.

All tasks were completed by a crew consisting of 4 members and 2 crew leads of the Northwest Youth Corps.


Quotes from the crew members: 

“Being at the heart of the ecology in Washington is amazing. This is such a unique system. Plus seeing the old trees has been pretty cool.” 

-Lucas, Crew Lead


“Finishing a project. There is a feeling of accomplishment and gratitude for the work done. In 5 years you could go back and say that you helped get this place to a better state and it feels good to know I did something to help conserve the natural beauty of nature.”

-Dana, Crew Member


“Being able to give back to the land that essentially raised me. As well as ensuring this land gets taken care of for the next years’ worth of people to come.”

-Ryan, Crew Member


“I really like conservation as well as history of the movement as well as the forests. I find it really interesting to work in this forest and to see how much it has changed in the past 50 years. I also love being around all the old growths and big green trees. Our partner (Robert) are also really cool to work with!”

-Sula, Crew Lead


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