Youth Community Programs

Age: 15-19
Length: 5 weeks
Tuition: $200,  Tuition assistance is available based on need.
Compensation: Receive up to $1,500 ($300 per week) for participation in this service-learning program plus an additional $250 ($50 per week) in bonuses. Amounts are based on attendance.

Build Your Future with Northwest Youth Corps, Join A Community Crew Today!

A Better You: Earn money and potential high school credit while gaining job skills and professional references needed to build your resume. Meet new people and build physical and mental strength while completing conservation projects in your own community.


A Better Planet: Spend five weeks working on conservation projects such as tree planting, fuels reduction, invasive plant removal, trail construction, and fencing. Play a vital role in improving your own local community and the environment.

Community crews meet at a designated site every morning. Members work an average of 6.5-7 hours a day depending on travel time. Crews work on local conservation service-projects under the supervision of trained team leaders. Crews then return to the same meeting place at the end of the day. Participants gain real world experience while enhancing their community's natural environment. Through a focus on local projects, members will become more connected and invested with the area in which they live and can take pride in the benefits they create for their neighborhood. Community Programs are offered each year only in certain communities in the northwest and youth must reside in these locations.


How and when do I get paid?
At graduation you will receive an educational stipend check (a check, made out to the participant, for participation in our service-learning program) that includes compensation for all weeks of your program. Approximately 2-4 weeks after graduation you will receive your bonus check consisting of bonuses you may have earned. Any ‘draws’ made by a participant during their program are deducted from the final educational stipend check. These draws could include any unpaid balances for tuition or gear. Final checks are mailed to the address provided in a participant’s online application. If you need to update the address provided, please contact our staff.

What is a bonus? How do I earn them?
In addition to the educational stipend, participants have the opportunity to earn up to $50 in bonuses a week for safety and reliability during the program. Bonuses are paid upon completion of the program session.


  • $25 per week for reliability (working all hours in the week). o This is awarded one week at a time. If you lose it for a week, you can still earn it for the other weeks.
  • $25 per week for safety o This is awarded one week at a time. If you lose it for a week, you can still earn it for the other weeks.

By being an active, hardworking member of the crew for all weeks of the program, you will earn your reliability bonus. If you do not complete all your hours for any reason during the week you will not earn your reliability bonus for that week. By acting in a professional and safe manner on and off the job site, you will earn your safety bonus each week. All bonuses are given on a weekly basis. If a participant leaves the program early (unless a return-to-school occurring in the final days of the last week of the program has been coordinated ahead of time with staff), they will not earn any bonuses.


Why does NYC charge a tuition fee?
NYC is a non-profit organization. NYC programs are supported by project partners, grants from foundations, donations from the business community and gifts from individuals and parents. Our main revenues come from the work that we do for various agencies such as the Forest Service. The tuition helps to cover the educational and recreational costs of our program. In addition, tuition fees help offset the program expenses including liability insurances, the expense of maintaining and fueling vehicles, sufficient tools and equipment for all corps members, including replacing old, damaged or broken field tools and equipment, paying entrance fees to recreational activities and other incidental expenses. Please keep in mind that full tuition is due 2 weeks before the start date of the program.

Are there scholarships available to help with tuition costs?
NYC has developed a financial aid program to assist youth in cases where fees, tuition, or equipment costs create barriers. Scholarships and financial aid are awarded to participants based on financial need. Call the Member Services Team for information, (541) 349-5055.




2022 Dates Tuition
Portland 6/20-7/22 $200
Eugene 6/20-7/22 $200
Springfield 6/20-7/22 $200
Tacoma 6/27-7/29 $200
Eugene 7/25-8/26 $200
Portland 7/25-8/26 $200
Springfield 7/25-8/26 $200
Tacoma 8/1-9/2 $200
Olympia 8/1-9/2 $200

** Tuition assistance is available based on need


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