Youth Corps Community

Age: 15-18
Length: 5 weeks
Tuition: $125,  Tuition assistance is available based on need.
Compensation: Base stipend of up to $1,250 ($250 per week) plus earn up to $250 ($50 per week) in Bonuses. Rates are based on attendance.

Here is your chance to get Outdoors and Active in your local Oregon Community! Join Youth Corps Community Today!

Do you want to be a part of something that makes a difference in your own community?  Youth Corps Community crews will learn how to build trails, enhance natural habitats, remove invasive species, and develop many other valuable outdoor skills right where you live.

Crews meet at a designated site every morning. Members work an average of 6.5-7 hours a day depending on travel time. During that time, crews come together not just as coworkers, but as a group of friends and teammates. They return home at the end of the day with new skills and pride in a job well done.

For five weeks, participants gain real world experience while enhancing their community's natural environment. Through a focus on local projects, members will become more connected and invested with the area in which they live and can take pride in the benefits they create for their neighborhood. YCCommunity programs are offered each year only in certain grant-funded communities in Oregon and youth must reside in these locations.

Northwest Youth Corps programs provide excellent work and leadership experience for any career field or college as well as provide excellent references for future prospects. Once the program is completed, the graduates can also join our extensive Alumni Network that dates back as far as 1984.

*Please keep in mind that 25% of tuition is due within two weeks of the offer and full tuition is due no later than 1 month before the program begins.

In addition to the base stipend, participants have the opportunity to earn up to $50 in bonuses a week (also part of the education stipend) for safety, dependability, and completing the program. Bonuses are paid upon completion of the program session.

Completion Bonus: $20/week for finishing the session

Dependability Bonus: $20/week for completing all the hours scheduled for your crew

Safety Bonus: $10/week for a perfect safety record at the end of the session

Participants leaving the program before the graduation date will receive a prorated portion of this stipend, calculated to the nearest full day of work, but will forfeit all bonuses.


2019 Dates Tuition
Eugene 1 6/24-7/26 $125**
Hebo 1 6/17-7/26 $125**
Girls Inc. 1 6/17-7/26 $125**
Portland 2 6/17-7/26 $125**
Springfield 1 6/24-7/26 $125**
Tacoma Sound to Summit 1 6/24-7/19 $100**
Eugene 2 7/29-8/30 $125**
Hebo 2 7/22-8/23 $125**
Girls Inc. 3 7/22-8/23 $125**
Portland 4 7/22-8/23 $125**
Springfield 2 7/29-8/30 $125**
Tacoma Sound to Summit 2 7/29-8/30 $125**

** Tuition assistance is available based on need




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