Young Adult Program 

The Young Adult Program is an innovative AmeriCorps program designed to provide hands on training and experience to those interested in pursuing employment with conservation corps, land and water resource management agencies, and other outdoor careers. The program integrates team-based work projects, education, and on-site vocational training into an experience that prioritizes personal growth, and the development of conservation work skills. Participants will develop technical skills working on a variety of conservation projects while developing the soft skills needed to be successful in the outdoor industry.

A critical element of the program is the educational curriculum that accompanies the experience. The curriculum is based around preparing the next generation of stewardship leaders to work in the outdoor industry. Lessons range from group dynamics and environmental policy to stewardship and resource management. The education experience is seminar based and requires inquisitive group participation.  Lessons are planned for only a few nights each week. As a part of the inclusive experience each member will be responsible for creating and presenting a lesson in the final weeks of the program.

This is a team-based experience where you learn by doing! You will graduate with sore muscles, technical skills, and a much stronger resume for employment in the outdoor industry. At the successful completion of the program, you will receive an AmeriCorps Education Award that will help you meet your educational goals or be used to pay off student loans.

Northwest Youth Corps is an equal opportunity employer



Session Location 2021 Dates
Fall Eugene, OR


Fall Women in Conservation  8/25-10/22
Fall LGBTQ Inclusion Crew 8/25-10/22
Fall Lake Wenatchee, WA 8/25-10/22

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