Hexion and local youth corps clean Willamette riverbanks


EUGENE, Ore. - Hexion, a global chemical and energy company, is partnering with Eugene's Northwest Youth Corps to restore nearby riverbanks.

With the help of community programs, half a mile of riverbank has been restored. It's all a part of a conservation effort to protect our rivers.

"You can see now it's like a beautiful path with plantings fresh on the hillside. As about a year ago, basically, no one could see the river right there," said Morgan Bennet, conservation crew member.

Before the group came in, invasive species like blackberry and English ivy covered everything.

Kenny Quillan, a conservation crew member, said the group created a green space for people to come and enjoy and for wildlife to inhabit.

Scott McIntyre, business and facility director of Hexion, said the Willamette River is a great resource and Hexion wants to benefit the community.

"It's incredibly rewarding to see all these young folks in collaboration with us with a desire to fix it, to bring this to the state you see today," he said.

The youth corps is comprised of young people learning job skills.

"It gives them an opportunity to actually be outside, disconnected from cell phones and gain a little bit more of a real life perspective on what the conservation world looks like," said Ian Barbosa, youth corps crew leader.

Eugene's Northwest Youth Corps helps with a variety of conservation projects along the Pacific Northwest.