Searching for a great career building opportunity this fall? 

Northwest Youth Corps is currently recruiting for many paid fall positions. Whether you are between schools, taking a gap year, or looking to gain more experience for your future career, Northwest Youth Corps has a spot for you. The challenge and simplicity of weeks spent working outside on meaningful conservation projects will give you the chance to gain perspective, learn new skills, meet new friends, and discover new opportunities.

Northwest Youth Corps offers fall programs for both youth (ages 16-19) and young adults (ages 19+). Participants earn money for their work in the form of either a stipend (youth program) or AmeriCorps living allowance (adult program). Both payments are given in the form of a check that can be spent as you wish. Young adult participants are also eligible to receive an AmeriCorps education award that is a lump sum payment to be used to pay for education related expenses such as tuition or school loan repayment. More information about the AmeriCorps educational award can be found here

For all positions apply online at and if you have questions we are here to help, call us at (541) 349-5055 

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Fall Youth Corps Camping Program

Residential Camping Program for ages 16-19

Youth Corps Camping Programs combine education and job skill training with outdoor adventure for ages 16 to 19. With the guidance of experienced field staff, youth crew members work on projects, while developing leadership skills and learning how to work as a team. Crews camp in the field for their entire 6 week session, traveling to a new project often. In addition to earning an educational stipend, AmeriCorps education award, and high school credit, participants gain a sense of pride that comes with hard work, learn to become stewards of the land, and develop lasting friendships!

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Session Dates Tuition Stipend+Bonus
Fall Eugene, OR 9/14-10/19 $50  up to $1,750 



Northwest Service Corps

Residential Camping Program for ages 19-24

Through the Northwest Service Corps (NSC), receive paid job-training experience as you meet the Northwest’s highest priority conservation needs, including wildfire reduction, non-native weed eradication, and trail building and maintenance. In addition to accomplishing critical work, you’ll earn professional certifications needed to become part of the next generation of stewardship leaders, as well as an AmeriCorps living allowance and education award.

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Session Dates Living

Fall Crew
9/12-11/26 $3,720 $2,255

Community Fall Crew
9/12-11/26 $3,720 $2,255


Seasonal Stewardship Program

Residential Camping Program for ages 19-26

Interested in pursuing employment with conservation corps, land and water resource management agencies, or other outdoor careers? Our Seasonal Stewardship Program (SSP) will provide you with hands-on training and experience needed to work on physically challenging conservation projects. Evenings are spent on related educational and recreational activities. Prepare to graduate with sore muscles, awesome technical skills, solid job reference, and an AmeriCorps living allowance and education award.

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Session Dates Living Allowance AmeriCorps
 Late Summer 8/22-10/14 $2,480 $1,566
Fall  9/12-11/15 $2,480 $1,566

Leadership Development Program

Residential Camping Program for ages 20+

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) offers leadership training to aspiring outdoor leaders interested in pursuing employment with conservation corps and outdoor programs. The LDP integrates team-based work projects, education, and on-site vocational training into a curriculum that prioritizes leadership growth, and the development of conservation work skills. Participants will develop hard skills working on conservation and recreation projects while developing the soft skills required to successfully lead groups in the outdoors.

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Session Dates Living Allowance  AmeriCorps
Fall LDP 9/14-10/25 $1,550 $1,566