Partner with us

Northwest Youth Corps operates in partnership with various project sponsors across the region including the USDA Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, US Fish and Wildlife Service, State Parks and Recreation, Department of Forestry, county parks departments, city park departments, electric/water companies, other non-profits, and private land managers. 

As well, Grantors, Foundations and individuals make significant contributions which help us in our mission. For a full and complete list for each year see our Annual Reports here.

Northwest Youth Corps...

  • Is a non-profit teenage job training program now entering its 29th year.
  • Annually serves about 800 youth, 15-19 years of age, through nine different job-training and education programs.
  • Offers residential and non-residential experiences; many participants camp out during the entire five or six week program, while Outdoor Oregon day crew participants return home each evening.
  • Generates program operating revenue from projects completed by participants.
  • Serves youth from throughout the Northwest.
  • Teaches youth how to meet a challenge and work as members of a team.
  • Is open to all youth who are interested in meeting a challenge and working hard.
  • Teaches participants about the resource management objectives inherent in each project.

Utilize an NYC crew because...

  • You help youth; teens working with NYC learn the meaning of pride, responsibility, and hard work.
  • We're easy to work with; on-site project modifications are never a problem.
  • It's simple; we work through cooperative work agreements, partnership agreements, and/or simple contracts.
  • It's cost effective; we are always competitive, often cheaper, and you avoid costly contract administration.
  • You're concerned with quality; we teach youth how to do a quality job, one in which they can take pride.
  • You need a big job done fast; NYC offers an enthusiastic labor force capable of completing jobs quickly.

What kind of work can an NYC crew do?

NYC crews can complete nearly any outdoor project requiring large amounts of manual labor. NYC staff have the training and experience to coordinate youth crews on a wide variety of projects.


Slash Piling
Horse Corrals
Trail Brushing
Roadside Brushing
Meadow Enhancement

Barbed Wire Fencing
Retaining Walls
Stream Stabilization
Wetland Restoration
Trail Reconstruction
Noxious Weed Control
Hiking Trail Construction
Cultural Resource Inventories
Buck and Pole Fencing
Vexar Tubing/Netting
Campground Development
ORV trail construction


When you hire an NYC crew we come ready to get the job done!  We provide...


Camping Equipment
Weekend Recreation
Worker's Compensation

Technical Support
Education Programs



Each year NYC crews work on more than 50 Forest Service Ranger Districts, 6 BLM Districts, 4 National Parks, multiple USFWS Refuges, and dozens of local municipalities and private land managers.   We are proud of our reputation for hard working crews and top quality work.  If you have questions, we would be happy to put you in touch with previous sponsors in your area.


For information on becoming a partner please contact:

David Nestor
Partnerships Director,
(541) 349-7517