Letter from Parents


you all have my most sincere thanks, and especially  your crew leaders.  My son has a lot of struggles and I've never before seen him stay with a program that was so full of challenges, both physical and social.  The fact that he made it through is a great credit to him, and a great credit to your staff.  It is the first time in his life that I have seen him experience the pride of having met a challenging goal, one that required his meeting expectations during long days and for such a long time.  We never knew each day if he'd see it through, and he did.  Amazing and wonderful.  



I was hiking the Ogle Mt trail today with my son and had the pleasure of meeting the nicest young men and women. They mentioned that we were the first hikers they had seen on the trail they were maintaining. They have done excellent work on the trail. Others should enjoy this well-maintained trail and the cheerfulness of this work crew. They give your organization a good name.

Salem, Oregon


Dear NYC,

My daughter just finished the first session of the Idaho program. I can not thank your organization enough for the taking care of my daughter. She left a child and has come home a young woman. Her crew leader did a wonderful job. She has not stopped talking about the different projects that she worked on and she is so proud of her badges that she got. I was very nervous about sending her off with people we did not know nor an organization that we knew little about. Her horizons have been broadened in a way that her father and I could not have done. She will take this experience with her the rest of her life. She has met people and done things that have enriched her. She has only been home for two days but she is already talking about next year and encouraging her younger brother and sister to do the same.

Thank you once again!!

From the mother of a participant


Dear NYC,

On Saturday, my wife and I journeyed to the Parent's Weekend. When we arrived, there was a beehive of activity as the Red Crew and their leader were beginning the evening meal preparation.  Also, out of the corner of our eyes my wife and I observed a NYC staff crewleader in action making sure everything was running smoothly.

As he did with all the parents there, the crewleader took the time necessary to answer our questions about NYC and his role in the field work. To say the least, he is an impressive young man. At the end of the evening meal the crowd was entertained by the crewleader as he made the rounds ensuring that no food went to waste while good-naturedly convincing the boys and girls to take portions of the last of the meal. Because we were sitting in the middle of the kids, we had a front row seat and listened in on their comedic comments. They were extremely upbeat and maintained a jovial and respectful camaraderie with the crewleaders.

Our son raves about his yellow crew leader and enjoys her calm demeanor. As a result of the crewleaders leadership approach, the crew has nicknamed themselves the Mellow Yellow crew! Our son cannot say enough about how incredible she is. I must tell you that my wife and I were equally impressed. While small in stature, she has made a huge impression on the kids. Our son loves working for her and is having a great time despite the hard work. She is a wonderful young lady brimming with intelligence. The kids are lucky to be in her crew.

What an amazing organization you have. Just three months ago we were in turmoil over what to do with our teen this summer. What a Godsend NYC is! We are so grateful to have found out about your organization through our local high school!


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