Field News

For Youth Corps Camping Program Only


Oregon Fall Youth updated Sept. 14:

Blue Blue crew is in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area near the headwaters of the Salmon river.  This group will be tackling a variety of tasks during their first week including: invasive plant removal, rehabilitation of habitat, and removal of dispersed campsites that are damaging natural resources. The projects they complete will prevent further damage from occurring in this recreational zone, and will benefit the environment as a whole.


Red Red crew is working in the Salmon Challis National Forest building a new section of trail on the infamous Continental Divide Trail. Members will learn how to safely use trail tools to dig out the new tread, and build a completely new switchback up a hillside. Their campsite is as beautiful as it is remote, and they are getting their food and camp supplies packed in to them by a team of horse packers!


Yellow This week yellow crew headed out to the beautiful southern coast of Oregon to do invasive plant removal. They enjoyed a sandy hike into their work site on a beach and are now focusing on removing scotch broom and beach grass. The removal of these plants will encourage native plants to take their place and will enhance the natural habitat.


Orange For their first week, Orange crew is working on the Oregon coast near Coos Bay with the Bureau of Land Management. The crew will mostly be working on improving popular trails in the area. This includes learning how to properly use all of the tools in their standard tool complement, and working as a team to clean up the trail corridors and fixing damaged tread along the trails. Their hard work will allow recreationalists to enjoy these trails this year and into next year.