Returning Alumni

If you have already worked a session with NYC and want more, be prepared! Returning participants are powerful role models, and we expect a lot from them. Alumni applicants must have a proven track record of teamwork, productivity, cooperation, and commitment.

 If you want to rejoin an NYC crew:
  • Try working with a different NYC program. (We strongly encourage youth to apply for different sessions to gain new experiences within NYC's differing geographic areas if possible) 
  • You will need to have a positive evaluation from your previous crewleader or program manager.
  • You will need to correctly, fully, and professionally complete the NYC application.
  • You will also need answer the questions for alumni on the application.

Want a new level of adventure?

Consider applying for the Backcountry Leadership Program or a young adult position. These positions require a recommendation from your past Youth Corps session to be able to apply for them.