Safety is always our top concern. Safety means awareness, a heads up attitude, and a determination to avoid accidents and mistakes. You will be expected to take a serious attitude toward safety all day, every day.

The success of each team depends on respect, listening to each other and working together; practice, patience, and understanding are required.

NYC is dedicated to helping you better understand the importance of your work and how each project fits into the ecology and economy of the northwest. An open mind and desire to learn are essential.

With NYC you will help protect our natural resources and enhance outdoor recreation opportunities. You will be expected to treat the wilderness with care and respect.

NYC is a hate-free environment in which diversity is celebrated and considered a source of strength.

Getting the job done and done right is the backbone of every NYC program. You will be expected to challenge yourself, to work hard and do the very best you can.

Substance Free
NYC is a zero-tolerance, substance free organization. Alcohol and illegal drugs are grounds for immediate termination.