*9/24/21 message regarding facility rentals:

Greetings all,


Since the start of the pandemic, our COVID Task Force has met weekly to evaluate public health condition as it relates to our safe operations, including the re-opening of our campus by employees.  Over the last several months, our plan has been that permanent staff were going to be returning to work at campus in later September. Unfortunately, the Delta variant has emerged and remains rampant, and it is not clear whether there is a plateau in the late summer surge yet. For that reason, we are still revising the timing of our office reoccupation protocols for our permanent staff, especially as we also work to ensure the safety of our Twin Rivers Charter School students, who are now back to campus. 


In looking at the reality of current COVID infection rates, we have decided that our goal to reoccupy our office space full-time needs to be put on hold. This also means that we have made the difficult decision to hold off making any commitments for facility rentals until April, 2022. 


We truly regret if this news is a disappointment to you. If you see a need to move your community activity elsewhere, please contact us so we may refund your unused rent and deposit. If you want to plan on returning next summer and want us to hold onto your key and security deposit, you don’t need to do anything else (we will of course credit any rent you have paid for since our closure last year.)


NYC has prided itself in hosting affordable and accessible rentals for more than 15 years and we look forward to being able to safely reopen our campus to rentals again next year. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your questions and concerns. 



Northwest Youth Corps


The Northwest Youth Corps Center for Conservation Education

We offer a variety of spaces for almost any occasion. Our community room (2,183 square feet) accommodates 200 seated guests, audience style,  and features a presentation screen and podium.


The gymnasium (3,404 square feet) can be used for sports team practice or additional event space for up to 377 people


We have a soccer-field size natural grass sports field adjacent to Laurel Hill Park.


Two executive conference rooms can seat 10 - 15 people each and are great for board meetings or retreat break-out sessions.


One carpeted training room is furnished with two-person wood-toned tables, cushioned chairs, projector screen, sink/coffee area and refrigerator, and can hold 34-45 people.


A 40 Kilowatt solar array reduces our energy consumption and a 1.02 kW demonstration array on the front lawn lets students and visitors see a real, working, PV system up close. Electricity produced is metered back to the EWEB grid.


A solar thermal hot water heater, automated lighting, efficient flushing devices, and touch-less sinks allow us to consume fewer resources without compromising comfort.


Our roof is “Cool Roof Ratings Council” approved and meets Energy Star criteria— reducing the need for air conditioning by reflecting up to 90% of the heat that normally enters a building through the roof, while large clerestory windows let in abundant natural light.


Our campus is located in the peaceful Laurel Hill Valley just 3 minutes away from I-5. We are served by Lane Public Transit (route 27) and neighbored by beautiful Laurel Hill Park. We are also just six miles away from the 15,000-acre Buford Park and scenic Mt. Pisgah, and a half mile from The Willamette River bike Path. Our address is 2621 Augusta Street, Eugene, OR 97403.


Affordable Rates Support a Vital Cause
Rent space on our campus on an hourly or daily basis, with discounts for non-profit organizations and ongoing or extended rental arrangements. 


Since 1984, Northwest Youth Corps has helped more than 21,000 teens develop skills needed for college and careers. Choose our location for your next event and help us help youth by supporting campus improvements


For a price quote, more information, or to make a reservation contact us at (541) 349-7505 or rent@northwestyouthcorps.org.

View our info sheet here.