Empowering the next generation

Northwest Youth Corps offers a challenging education and job-training experience that helps youth and young adults from diverse backgrounds develop the skills they need to lead full and productive lives. Our programs include residential conservation crews for both youth and young adults, local community crews, an internship program for college aged participants, a fully accredited high school, and a two-acre organic farm.

Working to Diversify the outdoors

Northwest Youth Corps and our land management agencies have teamed up to offer single identity crews designed to offer empowering opportunities for those who have historically been excluded from conservation and careers in natural resource management. We are currently serving youth and young adults who identify as members of Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Native American, LatinX and/or LGBTQ+ communities. The goal is to provide a safe space to build confidence and self-esteem, and to learn the skills needed to be successful. After a successful experience, crewmembers serving on these crews often carry on to other opportunities with NYC, other Corps, and the land management agencies we partner with. 

Current single identity crew openings:

Women in Conservation 

Recruiting members and leaders

Project Locations: Crater Lake National Park, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, and Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve
Starting Location: Eugene, OR
Dates: Youth Crew: 7/24 - 8/28 | Young Adult Crew: 8/25-10/22

Join our Women in Conservation Crews. NYC is partnering with the National Park Service to offer a program for youth and young adult women, including cisgender and trans women, who have historically been excluded from conservation opportunities and exposure to careers in parks and natural resource management.

The Youth Crew (ages 16-19) will serve five weeks from 7/24-8/28. NYC will also host an eight-week Young Adult Crew (ages 19+) from 8/25-10/22. Project locations include Crater Lake National Park, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, and Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve. Crews will carry out conservation projects under the supervision of trained and experienced female crewleaders, with NPS conservation professionals providing project guidance and mentoring. Crew Leaders are also needed.

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LGBTQ Young Adult Inclusion Crew

Recruiting members and leaders 

Project Location: Mount Rainier National Park | Starting Location: Lake Wenatchee, WA
Dates: 7/25 - 10/1 | 8 weeks

LGBTQ Young Adult Members (Ages 19+) Northwest Youth Corps’ young adult conservation crews integrate team-based work projects, education, and professional trainings into a program that stresses personal growth and the development of resource management skills. Spend 8 weeks working on conservation projects such as tree planting, fuels reduction, invasive plant removal, trail construction, and fencing. Play a vital role in improving our public lands and the environment. Young Adult Members (ages 19+) receive a living allowance of $2,600 prorated through their term of service, along with earning a $1,638 AmeriCorps Education Award upon the successful completion of the program.

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LGBTQ Inclusion Crew Leaders (Age 21 +) co-lead, manage, and supervise conservation crews of youth or young adults over the course of the summer. Leaders will be responsible for completing a variety of hands-on, conservation-oriented projects on public and private lands, and facilitating daily lessons using our accredited outdoor education curriculum. leaders are well-balanced individuals who work hard and embody compassion, patience, and an inspirational attitude. While leading the LGBTQ crew, crew leaders will be responsible for creating a safer space for their members to balance the nuances and intersectionality between personal identity and work. leaders should expect organizational support during their endeavors that may include activities led by an outside facilitator and weekly check-ins by field supervisors. This seasonal position allows leaders to deliver an impactful educational experience to young people and also provides an entry-point within the fields of natural resource management, youth development, and outdoor education.

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Also recruiting for:

Fall Conservation Crews 

Recruiting youth and young adult members and leaders

Starting Location: Eugene, OR and Lake Wenatchee, WA
Dates: Youth Crew: 9/11 - 10/16 | Young Adult Crew: 8/25-10/22

Fall Youth Crews (ages 16-19) will serve five weeks from 9/11-10/16. NYC will also host an eight-week fall Young Adult Crew (ages 19+) from 8/25-10/22 based out of both Washington and Oregon. Crew Leaders for fall are also needed, click here for more leader info.


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Build Your Future

Whether you are looking for an amazing summer work experience or looking to gain specific skills for a future career with land management agencies, Northwest Youth Corps has an opportunity for you.

Through your service, working on meaningful conservation projects will allow you to gain a fresh perspective, learn new skills, meet new people, and discover new opportunities and career pathways.


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