Community Wildfire Protection Corps

The Community Wildfire Protection Corps (CWPC) creates fire resilient communities and reduces fire risk in high priority areas while providing workforce development and career building opportunities to young adults.  

CWPC crews work throughout Oregon serving at-risk communities in the protection against wildfire through meaningful land management work, such as fuels reduction and invasive species removal. The crews focus most intensely on clearing the first 100 feet around important infrastructure and homes to create a buffer of “defensible space” from flammable material.

This work is done in coordination with local area fire departments and Oregon Department of Forestry and the Office of State Fire Marshall.

Join the Community wildfire protection corps

Northwest Youth Corps’ Community Wildfire Protection Corps crews integrate team-based work projects, education, and professional trainings into a program that encourages personal growth and the development of resource management skills.

job skills focus

Position Overview

Community Wildfire Protection Corps (CWPC) provides young adults the opportunity to learn, grow, and experience success. CWPC Crew members will learn how to protect their community from wildfires, do fuel reduction, enhance natural habitats, remove invasive species, and develop many other valuable work and outdoor skills.

CWPC Crew members gain real world experience while enhancing their community’s natural environment. Through a focus on local projects, Crew members will become more connected and invested with the area in which they live and can take pride in the benefits they create for these areas. 

The CWPC integrates team-based work projects, education, and on-site vocational training into an experience that prioritizes personal growth, and the development of conservation work skills. Participants will develop technical skills working on a variety of conservation projects while developing the soft skills needed to be successful in any work setting.

A critical element of the program is the educational curriculum that accompanies the experience. The curriculum is based around preparing the next generation of stewardship leaders to work in the outdoor industry. Lessons range from group dynamics and environmental policy to stewardship and resource management. The education experience is seminar based and requires inquisitive group participation. As a part of the inclusive experience each member will be responsible for presenting lessons during the program.

Crew members can use this opportunity as a steppingstone towards starting a career in an outdoor field such as natural resource management, outdoor recreation, forestry, or working for other environmental nonprofits. Others, who may not be interested in working in the green jobs sector, can use this work experience as a chance to gain easily transferable job skills, travel to new places, meet new people, and spend weeks making a real difference in their community.

 This is an AmeriCorps position.  AmeriCorps members complete paid terms of national community service to address our nation’s most pressing issues. As an AmeriCorps member you will receive a living allowance prorated throughout your term of service, along with earning an AmeriCorps Education Award.

Learn more about additional AmeriCorps benefits here.

Strike Crews

Session: 9/23-12/6/2024

LocationThere will be multiple Strike Crews that will not require local housing as they will be camping the entire session. CWPC camping will be front country, not backcountry.

Members Receive:
Spring 2024: $6,600 stipend along with earning a $1,824 AmeriCorps Education Award. 

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