Youth Community Program

Complete conservation projects by day, return to the comfort of home after. Play a vital role in improving your local community and the environment!

Youth Community Program is a non-residential, day program for 15 to 18 year olds. With experienced field staff guiding them, participants complete service projects in their own community each day and return home after. Crews meet at a designated site for drop-off/pick-up, Monday through Friday. Members spend an average of 6.5 hours per day working and one hour participating in an educational lesson, from which they earn a stipend and potential high school credit .

Participants learn new skills, challenge themselves, make new friends, and better their communities!

Join the Youth Community Program

Spend five weeks working on conservation projects such as tree planting, fuels reduction, invasive plant removal, trail construction, and fencing. Play a vital role in improving your own local community and the environment.

job skills focus

Position Overview

Community crews meet at a designated site every morning. Members work an average of 6.5-7 hours a day depending on travel time. Crews work on local conservation service-projects under the supervision of trained team leaders. Crews then return to the same meeting place at the end of the work day. Participants gain real world experience while enhancing their community’s natural environment.

Through a focus on local projects, members will become more connected and invested with the area in which they live and can take pride in the benefits they create for their neighborhood.

Community Programs are offered each year only in certain communities in the northwest and youth must reside in these locations.

Tuition and Benefits

Program Costs:
Youth Community programs have a tuition of $200. Tuition assistance is available to help cover most of these costs. Tuition Assistance is awarded based on need and we are determined to not make tuition a barrier for our programs, please contact us with any questions.  

The base stipend is $375 per week for participation, plus a possible $50 per week in bonuses, equaling a total benefit of up to $2,125.

*Participants leaving the program before the graduation date or missing days will receive a prorated stipend, calculated to the nearest full day of work, and may forfeit all bonuses.

Requesting School Credit

School Credit requests can only be processed after completion of a program. 

NYC programs help you learn by doing. Each program follows a carefully developed curriculum with segments on ecology, resource management, work experience, job skills, leadership and life skills. You will learn a lot. However, you will need to talk to the counselor at your school about earning credit for this experience; only your school can make this decision.

To request school credit information be sent to your counselor please email with the following information:

1.) Name of participant
2.) Name of school counselor
3.) Name of school
4.) A way we can send information to your counselor :
          -mailing address
         – email address
     or – fax number

Eugene / Springfield, OR Crews

Session 1: 6/20 to 7/21/2023
Session 2
: 7/24 to 8/25/2023

Portland, OR Crews

ession 1: 6/20 to 7/21/2023
Session 2: 7/24 to 8/25/2023

Tacoma / Lakewood, WA Crews

ession 1: 6/26 to 7/28/2023
Session 2: 7/31 to 9/1/2023

Olympia, WA Crews

ession 1: 6/26 to 7/28/2023
Session 2: 7/31 to 9/1/2023

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