Viva la Spitfire!


I originally joined this program just because it was something to do for the summer. I did not even know that I was going to be paid until a week before I had to leave! I have to say, this experience has turned out to be a lot more than I had originally expected. From all of the amazing places I got to see and awesome people I met, I am really glad to have actually committed myself to go through with this and to finish it.

The projects we all had were really incredible, especially the amazing views from the top of mountains and from the ocean beach. This scenery was almost like an award for all of the hard work we had done. I will always remember the hard work and the beautiful locations- from blazing trails to log removal, it was just really fun!

One of my favorite parts of the program was all of the awesome friends I have made. I was on the orange crew and we gave ourselves the name “Spitfire” because we were awesome and because we had earned the name. These people were no longer just strangers that I had to live with for six weeks, they became another family. I will always keep in touch with the friends I made here. Northwest Youth Corps has taught me a lot in the past weeks and has given me an experience I will look forward to re-living in the summers to follow.

Viva la Spitfire!!

By Eugene
Orange Crew

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