Discover One’s True Self


This experience meant an opportunity to discover one’s true self without the boundaries that are placed upon us by society. 

This experience has been a gateway to self discovery in its purest form. 

For many of us life is a cardboard box, a box of social groups, cultural norms, identity boundaries, and restriction of expression.  Every now and again the wind blows and the box tumbles head over heels allowing us a brief glimpse of our true nature and the nature of the world around us. 

But almost always the box lands open side down. 

This program reminds us that we are strong enough to break through cardboard. This adventure gives us the opportunity to separate ourselves from the cycles that dis-empower us. The only thing preventing you from being your true self is the illusion of disempowerment perpetuated by these cycles.

Take a second to reflect on your experience and if you realize nothing else, none of this is possible alone.

 -Yellow Crew Member, 2017

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