A Crew Both Big and Red

Big Red CrewA crew both Big and Red
High country whisks them from home
I join. One week. Destined to roam.
Yet something inside me lags behind
Excitement for trails they could find
Weeks go by and I wonder what I miss
Often I did reminisce
Of our frigid days
Of bugles elk and brass
Fireside discussions that made time pass

The final week, final days
All antsy, half crazed
Waiting for the finale
Days and hours tallied
Your rover reunites
5 more days, 5 more nights

And the weeks have shown
Smiles when you used to groan
Pathways brushed
Invasives pulled
Your crew is bold
For three weeks
Trails you cut
No more walking. big red struts.
But if you are ever in a rut,
Remember your crew and all this great stuff

Oliver, Fall Youth Corps Camping Assistant Crew Leader, 2016

Oliver Price photo

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