Facing Problems Together is a Privilege

Unamspring 2016Northwest Youth Corps has given me many experiences about overcoming challenges. Every day in each moment we face an obstacle, I realize how much we push each other as a crew. All of us living our daily lives as usual but coming together in moments of need, we come together all with one goal in mind and encourage as well as inspire those in our crew to do better.

What I believe I learned is that facing problems together is a privilege- a privilege of responsibility, initiative, and pushing beyond your limits in unison. Being on a crew is like having a family. When one of us comes to a problem, we all face it together. When one of us can’t give it our all, we recognize it as a crew and do what we can to help. This is what I believe I learned about when I came to Northwest Youth Corps.

Unanimous, Orange Crew, Spring 2016

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