We Hold One Another Up

Anthony Douglas Fall 2 2015 Orange

NYC- I have done this program before, four times actually and each time there is something new and something challenging. I have been on an all male crew once before, this is the second time. Though this time is much more like a job, we have become more like brothers having to live with and work with one another for five weeks. Not all people like this and some leave. Although we hit some bumps, we came together and now hold one another up.

We spent the week clearing an old camp in the City of Rocks, picking up old sticks and logs. We stacked the logs and made them available for future camp fires. The sticks were sent through a chipper and helped lower the risk of fires. And on the last day, we made a new drain on a trail that had not been used in a long time.

We learned to do things better and quicker. We brought each other up and finished more than our project contacts asked us to do. We are a strong crew that will pull through whatever, even all the bad weather that was thrown at us!

Anthony, Fall 2 Yellow Crew, 2015

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