Mazingira Mazuri – “Good Environment”

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(Photo above was takenĀ of some group members harvesting “chinisi” (like bok choi) from one of the community gardens)

I’ve been in Tanzania since last February and am living in a village in the southern highlands (with remarkably similar weather to the PNW, we have lots of pine trees). The school year just ended, but I taught an arts/empowerment class at the primary school I live next to and am planning to try out the curriculum I am writing for the country program called “mazingira mazuri” (good environment). The curriculum is partly inspired by SEED, but with a focus on life skills like gardening, water conservation, and HIV/AIDS. I’ve started a few community gardens in the village for nutrition and income and have just started a “mamas group” to make family gardens and talk about child nutrition, compost, greywater, etc.

My experience as a youth and leader at NYC helped me develop a familiarity with and thirst for challenge, which in part motivated me to join Peace Corps. The skills I gained have also helped since much of the technology I use is the same (my hand washing and dish washing setup is straight from NYC) and I am no stranger to a knot, hoe, or even dutch oven here (I miraculously found one at a table in Njombe that sells rejected GoodWill kitchen wares).

Kazi Njema,

-Frederick Livingston

Teens and Trails 2 2007, North 3 2008, Backcountry Leadership Program 2010, Swamper North 2 and Cycle Oregon 2011

Frederick Livingstone blog

(This photo shows the road from the primary school (where I live) to the main part of the village)

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