Today We Stand Strong Together

Jacob Thompson Blog 2015 S4

I came here to work, nothing more, nothing less. But what ended up happening was a series of friendships; a gathering of people. I learned so much about myself. I learned how to cook, I learned good work etiquette, and I learned how to use tools I didn’t even know existed. When I got here I was the largest I’ve ever been and I leave here today the smallest I have been in years. I didn’t come here expecting a new home, just an escape from my own. I saw over the weeks that we all needed each other, as dysfunctional as we all were. I saw that we all needed to be pushed, not shoved. We all had something to prove to someone back home; even if it was our former selves.

We weren’t always a unit, we sure as heck didn’t start out as one; but today we stand strong together. We were all taken to our lowest points only to be picked back up by one of our own. My lowest points were the hills, but I conquered the hills every day despite the odds. I conquered those hills with the help of my crew, no, my family. I will never forget the sweat, I will never forget the white wall tents, I will never forget the hills, but what is forever sketched in my head are the faces, the smiles, the laughter. I miss you already yellow crew, my family of yellow blood. Thank you all.


Yellow Crew

South 4, 2015

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