A Mini Rocket for Dani Rictor

Dani Rictor
From: Holly Schnee

To: Dani Rictor

Wherever our spirits go when we pass…I hope its ready for the epic cosplay explosion that it’s about to experience!

I have you and the rest of Yellow Crew to thank for where I am today. I wouldn’t have been inspired and empowered to embark on this crazy life adventure if it weren’t for the friendship that pulled me from a dark space so many years ago. Thank you. I still wear my yellow crew pride each day. I bleed yellow…no matter where I’m at in life. My roots are yellow.

I have been loving your recent posts. Your next big chapter in Idaho. You just got your new apartment keys on Friday. You got a new job at AT&T. You were breaking away! Im honestly angry at the universe for stripping that away from you. You deserved this new opportunity…but…I refuse to honor you with negativity. You are worth much more than that!

I’ll assume you’re the reason why the clouds were spectacular today! I mean, darn son! They’re awesome! Even right now as I type this! So thanks for that! I can see your artistic talent much better now!

I’m hoping to launch a mini rocket this weekend for the kiddos in my Astronaut class. I’ll write your name on the wings. :)

You’re also #52 on my gratitude countdown. (52 days till my next surgery) I’m grateful for the time we spent together; on and off the trail.

Thank you Dani for sharing part of your life with me. May we cross paths again some day.


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