A Home for All

Noah Steward and Nick Jones blog

We stood atop a mountain in the Red Buttes Wilderness surveying all that was before us in the valleys below. We came to peace in our own minds as we tackled the inner struggles both of us had been dealing with throughout the session. We had found our place in the wilderness where no man belongs. Our place in the NYC Family. Before the session began, we were lost. Meandering around town with no vision or hopes for our future.

Through our first three weeks at NYC we began to find clarity and light that would guide both of us in our endeavors to come. We learned how to work as one. We belonged to a group of humble and welcoming individuals, all eager to aid each other in our quests for personal success. Being a part of NYC is much more than earning a stipend check. It is a step towards developing as well-rounded and hardworking individuals. It is a place anyone can belong and feel loved. It is a place where people of all kinds, coming for a variety of reasons can learn, feel safe, and participate in the development of self and others. Yes, NYC is much more than a stipend check; it is a home for all.

Nick and Noah

Blue Crew

South 4, 2014

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