Dirt Movers, Earth Changers


My heart goes out to all the 9 to 5’ers in the world, cubicles all to themselves. The feeling hits me seeing the Sisters silhouettes in the near distance on the morning commute, or when finally fitting a boulder into place. I am so grateful that rather than pencil pushers, we are rock carriers, dirt movers, earth changers who of course only matter in their context- a crew, a program, an ecosystem.

We are a technophilic society collecting material possessions and Facebook likes. I am collecting gravel in an effort to create a balanced place to stand.  And once that is done, we return to camp to learn and eat and sleep- but who knows, come tomorrow, what roughness needs smoothing; what path needs following to fix a thing or two before the storms of winter come.


Crew Leader, Fall 2014

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