Go Blue – Deaf and Hard of Hearing Crew!


This is session #2 for me this summer. Every day it was hard work but I did a good job and it was a great experience. On the trail every day, I worked with my blue crew and we supported each other as a team working together. I learned new skills and gained job experience when we worked on different projects. This was an awesome job and I liked visiting new places and meeting new people at the weekend sites. I made many new friends on my crew.

There are three deaf people on our crew this time and six hearing people and the deaf people can do as good of a job on the projects as the hearing people can do. The deaf people have legs, hands, eyes- everything they need to do a good job just like the hearing people. We proved that the deaf CAN WORK and do anything the hearing people can do. At the end of the session we all realized that we did it and we were very proud. That is why deaf people should work for NYC; we had a really good experience and learned to work very hard as a team. The deaf can do this job and I can do any job. Go Blue Crew!


Blue Crew, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Crew

2014 Youth Corps

DHH Crew

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