A handful of places

This week we worked with a botanist from BLM removing invasive species from the shore of Floras Lake. We primarily pulled European Beach Grass and Canadian Thistle. We also helped our contact (the botanist from BLM) monitor native plants. Plant monitoring consists of counting individuals of a plant population as well measuring the plants and recording their status as either reproductive or vegetative. The species we counted were rare and experiencing habitat loss as a result of the invasive species. First, we searched for Wolf’s Evening Primrose, a tall beautiful yellow flower; second, we counted Dwarf lily; and finally, we measured and counted a rare species of plant that only grows a handful of places on the planet, Silvery Phalicia. I also spent a lot of time asking our contact, Tim, about the various plants in the area. NYC has consistently provided us with exposure to professionals in the conservation, Forest Service, botany and biology worlds.

~ Sverre

Yellow Crew – 2014


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