10 Pieces of Advice

South 2 Kayla

10 pieces of advice for a Crew Member starting their first session:

  1. Abundant amount of moleskin (easy remedy for blisters)
  2. Drink tons of water, even when you don’t want to. It will benefit you in the long run.
  3. A journal and a package of pens (they run out quickly)
  4. Long johns (certain parts of Oregon can be very cold at night)
  5. Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) there are going to be a lot of days where you feel fed up, tired, weak; you have to push yourself and stay positive. Just take 30 seconds to breathe.
  6. Pace yourself – don’t push yourself to hard though, you will get overwhelmed and exhausted easily at WORK. Even if you’re behind everyone, who cares? It’s better than breaking down and crashing.
  7. Good communication between yourself and fellow Crewmembers and CL (Crew Leader) is very important when it comes to getting tasks done at work or any kind of activity.
  8. Put others before yourself – as you’re hiking that 1 mile to the worksite and back every day, you’ll be thinking about how bad your feet hurt, how tired + frustrated you are – just remember that you’re not the only one feeling that way. Fellow Crew members feel your pain. Go out of your way to respect others too.
  9. Don’t whine or complain too much this refers to #8 too – it’s important to keep a positive mental attitude and PUSH yourself through your own toughest CHALLENGES. This doesn’t apply to surviving NYC, but in life too.
  10. Step out of your comfort zone and band w/ your fellow CM/CL – you’ll be living with them for 6 weeks. Make the best out of it and most importantly, have fun at appropriate times. =)

Written By: Kayla

South 2

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