Things Changed For Me

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Before I signed up for Northwest Youth Corps, I was headed down the wrong path. I knew that if I didn’t change myself I would ruin my life and end up in trouble with the legal system.

NYC taught me how to be responsible by teaching me how to be more independent.  I had to wake myself up every morning, work without any supervision, and make sure that I was doing the best I could to help myself and my co-workers. NYC helped me help myself, by teaching me discipline and how to be responsible. I got to work on hiking trails, build a bridge, and I got to be in the backcountry for 5 weeks. It was peaceful, no electronics, no cars, it was a great experience. I had never done work like this before and I really enjoyed it.

After I came back from NYC things changed for me, I am a lot more responsible, hardworking, and independent. Community Works started helping me stay out of legal trouble. Community Works is a program that helps teenagers get back on the right path. They take minors cases from the court and make a plan to apologize to the person they wronged, and help themselves stay out of trouble. If the teenager does not follow the plan or stick to their word then they have no choice but to give the case back to the court. I think that what they are doing is great and it can really help some teenagers stay out of trouble. I was really lucky that I had the support of my family and other people to help me change myself for the better so I could stay out of trouble.

I have some idea of what I want to do after High School, I either want to go straight to college in Hawaii, do a program called Leap Now where you get to travel in Europe, or do a program at The College of San Mateo called Electrical Power Systems.  I found out about Leap Now from my school, and the same with the program at College of San Mateo. If I go straight to college, I want to take classes on Environmental Studies, or design.

I am really thankful for Community Works and Northwest Youth Corps. I hope that someone will read this and will be able to relate to my story, and in someway this will help them.


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