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This past summer was the first year that the Laurel Valley Educational Farm has had summer interns. It was very successful and made not only the summer fun and productive but we were also extra prepared as we moved into fall and winter. The interns gained experience in every aspect of farm, from the exciting side- planting and harvesting, to the mundane and tedious side- weeding and clearing paths. One of the interns tried some vegetables for the first time, while another intern got to hone her cooking skills, preparing interesting lunches with our produce for us once a week.

There was a wide variety of personalities and skills but we all got along great and enjoyed working together as a group when the task called for it. I got to share my knowledge of gardening with interested and eager learners and I grew in my ability to communicate a concept or task more clearly. I visited an interns home garden she put in after her summer here and it looks great! Having interns in the garden was a very rewarding experience!

Lane Wallick

Garden Coordinator

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