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While working with NYC this summer I have learned many valuable things, many of which will help me later on in life. One thing I learned that I know will help me in life is teamwork. Being a team is working together and helping each other to accomplish a common goal. I’ve learned not only how to work in teams but individually also. I’ve learned that you’re not necessarily always going to enjoy or want to work with others around you but you have to put your differences apart to get the job done.

Another skill I have acquired is how to properly use different tools. I learned the proper way to stand when using things such as grubbers, what you can cut with loppers and what you’d need a hand saw to cut through, and that you can use a McCloud for raking and cutting. I was also introduced to and learned how to use a t-post puller.

Another thing that I’ve learned that no good ever comes from treating others negatively, even when others are treating you poorly. Instead of stooping to their level, kill them with kindness. I am very thankful for all of the opportunities I have had while working this summer! I have enjoyed working with and getting to know my crew and crew leader.  


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