The Hardships Are Worth It!

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What can I say about Northwest Youth Corps? A lot! It has changed me in so many ways and I have witnessed that change in many others for the better as well. We have learned how to be hard workers and how to better understand each others differences by appreciating where we each come from in life.

Many great skills can be taken away from my experiences in Northwest Youth Corps and many of those skills can be applied to everyday life. I really notice the changes in my life Northwest Youth Corps has made when I get back home and I am sure others here do as well. This program is a hard thing to finish and not everyone can do it, but for the people who do finish it, the hardships are always worth it! There is a lot more than hard work and learning new skills though. Here at NYC we learn about others through laughter and teamwork; sharing stories of our past and stories of what we feel and want our futures to be like.

The feeling of being covered in sweat and dirt at the end of a hard day digging trail is like no other. Everyone on the crew can relate to this feeling and come together through this common experience. It creates one of the best communities you can build. Red crew has treated me well and I thank them for that, this might be my last session at Northwest Youth Corps as a youth for I will soon age out. With what I have been taught and learned here, I soon hope to become a leader myself. I hope to lead youth and teach them what I know of life through my experience at Northwest Youth Corps.


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