The Hardest I Have Ever Worked

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There are so many things in this world that I am thankful for and AmeriCorps and Northwest Youth Corps are two of them. This is the fourth session I have completed with NYC and they just seem to get better every time. With the help of this organization I have learned so many things about myself, others, the environment and just simply life. By spending five weeks with the same group of twelve people I learned that everyone has a past, good or bad, they deserve a chance to prove what kind of person they are. We are like family we may bicker or fight but in the end we always end up joking and laughing.

Thanks to Northwest Youth Corps I have decided that I will pursue a career in Forestry. With the money I will receive from AmeriCorps I will continue my schooling at Rogue Community College to receive my Associates of General Studies with a Forestry background. After I get my degree I will join the United States Navy for a few years to help pay for the rest of my college at Eastern Oregon University to get a Bachelors of Science to become a Forest Ranger.

I don’t know what kind of a person I would be today if it weren’t for this organization. Every year when I came home from a session my mom tells me I am just that much more mature. My first year with NYC I spent in Washington, admiring the beautiful lakes and rivers. The next year I went to Idaho and endured massive eight mile hikes in the Sawtooth Mountains. For my third year I did two sessions back to back which had been way more fun than I had expected. I got to stay here in Oregon for both my third and fourth sessions. My crew got the rare opportunity to got to Happy Camp California and work our second and third weeks. There I made many accomplishments for myself by building trail in four states and helping lay down about four and a half miles of trail in my NYC career.

My last session turned out to be yet another wonderful experience thanks to the staff making it so much fun. This crew got an ever more rare opportunity to go to Idaho and maintain more trail in the Sawtooth Mountains. It is not heard of for the south side of NYC going east but we were the exception. I worked my hardest I have ever worked on every session and can’t wait to make my living doing the same thing. I will never be able to tell these people of NYC and AmeriCorps how much they have impacted my life and pushed me to be the best I can be no matter what I do. So thank you to everyone who played a part in my NYC experience especially the McFarland family. Please continue this so one day my kids can also have this amazing opportunity.

Thanks so much!


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