Heroes of the Wilderness!

blog 2 8-26Dude, a month long adventure camping in the Oregon backwoods? I think Yes! Being outside, breathing in that clear forest air, digging your hands in EARTH, getting dirty! I can definitely say I’m stoked for this.

Today is only day two and so much has happened already. Yesterday everyone gathered at our sacred NYC headquarter habitat to be briefed on the mystic quests that we brave hero’s shall so embark. With the mission obtained, our crews left the safety of civilization and ventured out into the wild. Not even an hour gone from H.Q. our guild master of Blue, Emma, noticed a shortage of survival energy. Using our hero skills and wisdom from the guild masters we were back to our quest.

But not for long… Vast kingdoms require methods of transportation, right? Well ours malfunctioned slightly, only making another exciting quest for the men and women of the Blue Guild! Actually, the Guild masters took this one again. However, we heroes devoured the local forests looking for new signs of life. We did! A Holy Rune was discovered! Its name was revealed as Lady Henry, which soon became the name of our traveling vessel. With this new magic, we set off and reached our camp destination. For now the eager heroes relax and plan for future quests. All is quiet for now. Blue Guild is ready! Bring on the Adventure!


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