My Favorite Part of NYC is Everything!

Harmony Red Crew BlogMy favorite part of the NYC experience so far is most definitely the social aspect. While at NYC we eat, sleep, work, and have fun with the members of our crew in an environment that encourages us to grow as individuals, as well as a group. It’s wonderful to get to know people outside of their normal environment; to get to know them as who they are- people from all different backgrounds. However, here at NYC you are not just the sum of your past experiences; you are a valued member of a team, a friend, and a part of the NYC family. We work on trails in the majestic nature of the Pacific Northwest throughout the mountains, the deserts, the ocean, the forests, and everywhere in between. We learn new skills like how to do laundry, cook for everyone, and what a Pulaski is (especially how to swing it!). Basically, my favorite part of NYC is everything! It’s a great experience that allows you to become a very well-rounded, confident, and strong human being.


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