Our Progress is Our Victory

blog e2Today is August first; we are almost done with week two. My first day was orientation on July 20th where I met my crew members and crew leaders but of course I didn’t know exactly who I was going to be grouped with. I got to know a little about everyone, I got my pack, had dinner with all 30 of my other crew members and got a good night’s rest before the adventure began. The first week we (my crew) camped outside Stanley, Idaho. I live in Idaho but I have never seen such a beautiful part of Idaho! The first week my crew and I were adjusting to camp life; our strict routine and an early bedtime. Today I helped build a retaining wall including only rocks and crush (crushed rocks), maneuvering large rocks up a skinny trail and trying to place them perfectly so we can build up from them. Being here at NYC has taught me the true meaning of teamwork and hard work. Working eight hours a day is almost over but looking back at our progress; it’s really our victory. My crew and I have only been together for two weeks so far but we are as close as any family. I look forward to the next three weeks with wonder and excitement, not to mention intimidation with the anticipation of what the near future holds!


Yellow Crew

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