Celebrating 40 years of commitment to our youth, our communities, and our future

Upcoming Anniversary Events

Join us Saturday Afternoon, September 28th, at our Eugene Headquarters for a family friendly event that includes a service project on campus, great food, and fun kid activities!

Growing to serve | 1984-2024

Northwest Youth Corps’ first field season started June 16, 1984. At the time, youth unemployment was as high as 50%, and NYC’s goal was to educate and engage young people and teach them important life skills, while improving the natural environment.

That first year, our founder, Art Pope, and six crews carried out work for ten forestry companies and The Nature Conservancy on a budget of $102,000. Our headquarters was a defunct Eugene gas station.

Wrote Art on NYC’s first day of operation, “Today it happened! … Already…teenagers from across Western Oregon are starting to really get some work done. In a few more days we should really be able to show the world that, with the right people, people willing to really give it their best, this concept is no longer a dream. NYC is here and it is here to stay!”

Forty years in, true to the vision of NYC’s staff, youth, partners, and donors, approximately 30,000 individuals have “given their best”, and earned academic credit, professional job references, and a total of $3.8 million while accomplishing more than 3.5 million hours of conservation service. These young people are our country’s future leaders and current conservation citizens, already making a difference.

Be part of the legacy!

Whether you are a current or past participant, a donor, or a project partner (maybe all three!), you play a vital part in NYC’s continued growth and evolution. With your help, we will enhance the lives of tens of thousands of more young people through education and employment in the next 40 years and beyond.   

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