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 Help us tell the NYC Story...

The 'NYC Story' is an evolving legacy of changed lives and enduring friendships. It is a narrative made up of more than 18,000 youth participants and staff.

We are so grateful to the alumni and families who have made Northwest Youth Corps part of their own story. We hope we have changed your life as much as you have ours. With your help, we can:

-Buy tools to prepare more young adults for success in the workforce.

-Establish a new, state-wide, Idaho Conservation Corps program.

-Engage more youth and families through our Center For Conservation Education.

-Provide a scholarship to a 'in-need' youth to allow them to benefit from NYC.

Help us create a headquarters into a place where communities gather for resources, education, and to learn about the opportunities we offer youth and young adults.

Help us share This Story, Our Story, #TheNYCStory.

Thanks to the Fred Meyer Fund which recently offered to match the next $4,610 we raise. Your gift helps us meet our Fred Meyer challenge and realize our dream in 2016!


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