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Fall Spike

It’s been over a month since we’ve returned from the dusty trail, but the stars have aligned and we now have all of the pictures we could muster from our Fall Spike.

One group spent 3 days travelling with Oregon Youth Conservation Corps River Stewards program. They paddled North along the Willamette River from Salem to the San Salvador Access near Dayton, OR. The adventure included lots of wildlife sightings, including over 30 Blue Heron’s throughout the trip, 1 flipped canoe (thanks to another), testing the boats durability with three people paddling together, and an afternoon of invasive species removal. These stewards took a field and destroyed the Scotch Broom that had a tyrannical hold over the area. Down time was spent skipping and collecting rocks, tossing a frisbee, playing Football, and sharing stories and riddles around the campfire.

Once the river trip was over, the water group spent a drizzly weekend exploring Bohemia Mountain, and some waterfalls around Brice creek. Then the work week at Schwartz Campgroup began. Over a period of two days the group tackled a tremendous amount of moving gravel, mulch, dirt, blackberries and more scotch broom.

River Crew Fall Spike Photos

The land group began the trip with work at Schwartz Campground, starting off the gravel and dirt moving process, and helping install several impact pads to minimize the impact that future campers have at the site. Once the work was done, the play began. Their adventures also included exploration days at Bohemia and some of the nearby waterfalls, hiking and building forts. These adventurers even treated themselves to a spa day, covering themselves in mud from a nearby river bed.

Land Crew Fall Spike Photos

8 days was a long time to be in the woods, but these students showed that perseverance, creativity and collaboration can get you through a lot. The week ended strong with Big Clean, and a well-deserved 4-day weekend to dress up and eat candy.


Initial SPIKE!

We have done it!

Last Friday we returned from our first 5-day Spike of the year.  The week started off strong, with the students diving right into the packing process. Mid-morning both groups were packed, and pulling out of the NYC parking lot to their respective sites.

Each group spent 2 days working at Quamash Prairie, collecting and dispersing native plant seed, helping mitigate the effects of the dump constructed nearby. After a hard day’s work, the crews headed to Fall Creek, where they spent down time fishing, exploring and getting their feet wet.

The other two days and nights were spent near Waldo lake hiking, bushwhacking, fishing, and catching crawdads. Members of both groups went rafting, working together as a group to steer their watercraft either around the edges of Odell Lake for optimum fishing, or in the center of Waldo Lake, where students had the opportunity to gaze deep down into the crystal clear, oligotrophic waters.


A peninsula on Lake Waldo that one group bushwhacked to reach. At this peninsula the students read about the importance of wilderness areas, and spent time doing a written reflection.Waterfeet

Cool down with feet in the glacial-fed lake. Waldo

A moment of relaxation after a hike and bushwhacking.Paddling

Students explore the heart of Waldo Lake via raft.


An eager boat of fishing at Odell Lake resulted in nearly a dozen caught fish, 4 of which were kept for dinner.Fire

After a day of fishing, students built a rack to roast their fresh caught Cockney Salmon over an open fire.Crawdadding



One group of students hiked up to Rosary Lake, and spent the day fishing and collecting over 60 crawdads, which we stored in the water jug seen above.

A good time was had, and now we’re back to the classroom grind post-shower and weekend relaxation.

Initial Spike Photo Album