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The Personal Finance class tracked their spending….

And here are our results…

Our class of about ten collected grocery receipts for two weeks and this is what we found: ODS loves processed foods!Pie chart

According to NPR’s food blog, our results are not far off from the US population. Processed foods have made a huge jump on the spending ladder in the past 30 years.

pm-gr-foodprices-462-03Still, our class encountered a difference in opinions; Are healthy foods more costly, or cheaper than processed foods? We spent the most money on processed foods, but we also bought the highest quantity of these foods. Fruits and vegetable tend to have less calories per dollar than processed foods and sweets.

This article from NPR demonstrates Why Processed Food Is Cheaper Than Healthier Options.

However, the government found that healthy food is no more costly than junk food.

Our conclusion: Gathering data is a complicated process with many factors that can skew our results. Politics, nutrition science and food availability make it nearly impossible to reach a conclusion!


Fibonacci Sequence


The Fibonacci sequence repeats in the growth of the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom from the buds on a succulent, to the shell of a nautilus.

As a class, we applied the Fibonacci sequence to artwork. The tiles of our classroom offered us a grid, which we used to align autumn leaves in a Fibonacci spiral. Andy Goldsworthy helped inspire our work after watching his documentary, “Rivers and Tides.” Below are some examples of Mr. Goldsworthy’s work.

By Kyle Wickham