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Pizza Friday

Every Friday is Pizza day in our Culinary class. We are perfecting the art of rolling dough by practicing every week. Many of the ingredients come from our farm, so we can taste the bounty while keeping our food teenage friendly.

Sushi Day

Yesterday was my first time making sushi and it was my favorite thing we’ve made in culinary. The process is long and is sort of complicated but its fun and worth it at the end and i enjoyed it a lot.¬†sushi 2

To make sushi we used nori sheets, sushi rice, tuna, cucumber, carrot, cabbage, and mango. We spread a thin layer of rice on one side of the nori sheet and when that is evenly spread over the whole one side, you flip it over and put a small portion of the chosen fruits, vegetables and meat in a thin line of the length of the sushi wrap. sushi 1When you’re done with that you take one side of the¬†sushi wrap and roll it over, around the inside foods and keep rolling it tight until completely rolled, and then you cut the long sushi roll into 8 evenly cut pieces. While making sushi, keep a bowl of water close by to dip your fingers into so that the rice doesn’t get stuck to your fingers and also to dip the knife into the water before cutting the sushi.

Alysha Thompson, Grade 9

sushi 3