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Relief Printing

As a class, we made our own relief prints using supplies donated by the University of Oregon and staff members.We were given linoleum tiles, which are malleable and have a smooth surface.


We cut our designs into the pads using small, bladed tools. Our designs were based on pictures we drew beforehand. After our designs were cut out, we rolled ink onto the tiles making sure there were no globs on the lino-cuts.


Once the ink was rolled we could print the design onto paper, finishing the process. It was a creative and interesting process.

-Will Hopson


Fibonacci Sequence


The Fibonacci sequence repeats in the growth of the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom from the buds on a succulent, to the shell of a nautilus.

As a class, we applied the Fibonacci sequence to artwork. The tiles of our classroom offered us a grid, which we used to align autumn leaves in a Fibonacci spiral. Andy Goldsworthy helped inspire our work after watching his documentary, “Rivers and Tides.” Below are some examples of Mr. Goldsworthy’s work.

By Kyle Wickham




To do this process, you get light sensitive paper and place objects on it. UV light from the sun makes shadows of the objects on the paper. When the paper is finished developing, place it in a water bath for 2 minutes.

-Trevor EsparzaDSC_0013

Pinhole Classroom

For this project, the class turned and entire classroom into a camera obscura or pinhole camera by light-proofing windows and doors. The room was first boarded up with cardboard to block the major light leaks, then with black landscaping plastic to seal the the nooks and crannies.

Finally, a small hole the size of an eraser head was cut into the light blocking layers. This hole was able to project the view from the major window in the classroom. We set up a large mobile whiteboard about 10 feet from the hole to act as our screen.

These are the images we produced!

Inverted original image

These were taken with a DSLR  set at f/5.3 @ 30 sec.

DSC_0156 (2)
Flipped 180, but notice the words “NORTHWEST YOUTH CORPS” are still opposite