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Rainbows Are Neat!

The ODS camping trips include day hikes and backpacking adventures where we are able to observe natural phenomenon that the classroom setting does not provide. Here is circumhorizontal arc we saw on a hiking trip in the Diamond Peak Wilderness!

Photo courtesy of Chris Michael

Pinhole Classroom

For this project, the class turned and entire classroom into a camera obscura or pinhole camera by light-proofing windows and doors. The room was first boarded up with cardboard to block the major light leaks, then with black landscaping plastic to seal the the nooks and crannies.

Finally, a small hole the size of an eraser head was cut into the light blocking layers. This hole was able to project the view from the major window in the classroom. We set up a large mobile whiteboard about 10 feet from the hole to act as our screen.

These are the images we produced!

Inverted original image

These were taken with a DSLR  set at f/5.3 @ 30 sec.

DSC_0156 (2)
Flipped 180, but notice the words “NORTHWEST YOUTH CORPS” are still opposite