DSC_0038The Twin Rivers Charter School is an alternative high school established in 1997 (formerly Outdoor School) by Northwest Youth Corps. Twin Rivers Charter School (TRCS) offers  hands-on learning through, conservation work, applied science, and academics. The purpose of this blog is to provide community and family members with a window to view the unique experiences of TRCS students.

While on campus, students spend the day rotating through their core classes and electives. This model follows a more traditional high school environment, but integrates content learned on Spike trips and Field Education.

Spike trips are school wide camping trips that last up to eight days. These trips include time spent on a work-site where students build trails, plant native vegetation or remove invasive species. When students are not on the work-site, they are  backpacking, hiking, canoeing and exploring the great outdoors.

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Field Education involves projects in Eugene and the surrounding area. This learning model gives students skills for career readiness. They complete projects in the school garden, tour local businesses and connect with community leaders.


Thank you to all who contribute to Twin Rivers Charter School.


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Thank you to all who contribute to theTwin Rivers Charter School. Support by the Oregon Youth Conservation Corps and its Community Stewardship Corps (CSC) program helps TRCS students gain valuable education, employment and leadership skills while learning about the environment through classroom and field-based learning. To learn more about OYCC, visit http://www.oyccweb.com/