Twin Rivers Charter School

As students spend the summer hours relishing in the absence of academia, the school itself has been hard at work transitioning to its new identity as Twin Rivers Charter School (TRCS). Making the shift from a private alternative educational institution formerly known as Outdoor High School (ODS) to a charter school, TRCS will be opening its doors to a more expansive student body this year.

The transition to a charter school model allows for TRCS to maintain its alternative education roots while providing an equal enrollment opportunity for interested students in the 4J district. In addition to the administrative changes the school is undertaking, the building is also receiving a light makeover to better serve the growing student population. Returning students will find that old walls have been torn down and new walls have been built, more study nooks are being incorporated in most classrooms, and new lighting fixtures are on their way to better see the student’s eager, shining faces.

TRCS functions as a team-based, hands-on, outdoor learning institution. Students prepare for entering the workplace through a combination of in-class instruction, field-based studies, habitat restoration projects and camping trips. In addition to standard academic curricula, such as math, science, language arts and social studies, the TRCS curriculum also includes conservation, resource management, life skills and team building. Through these experiences students learn the skills required to be successful in the next stages of their life, be it entering the workforce or attending college.

As the school year approaches and the thought of academia begins to loom in student’s minds, they can also look forward to a unique year full of adventure and growth.



Students de-bark logs as a part of a trail building project at Spencer Butte Challenge Course.



Students visit Sahalie Falls during a field education week to better understand watersheds.


An AmeriCorps member helps a student dissect a squid during Biology class.