The Story of Stuff

This Earth Day it is important to think about how our consumption of goods affects the world at large. Next time you pull out your phone to check the weather or read a text, think about all of the people and resources used to get you that information and technology. We live in a society that reveres infinite consumerism and struggles with finite resources.

What are some ways to alleviate the stress placed on the planet in order to maintain a healthy balance of consumption and environmental sanctity?

Here is a video to help you find a solution:

As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.

-Henry David Thoreau

Pizza Friday

Every Friday is Pizza day in our Culinary class. We are perfecting the art of rolling dough by practicing every week. Many of the ingredients come from our farm, so we can taste the bounty while keeping our food teenage friendly.

Wild Edibles

The Outdoor Skills class put together a list of some food items one might find on an outing in the Pacific Northwest. By learning to identify and prepare nature’s bounties, students will be more in touch with where food comes from and how to survive on their own.

Common Name: Dandelion

Latin Name: Taraxacum
dandeliondandelion 1

        If you have ever left your couch and looked around you should know what a dandelion is. As you can see in the top left side of your screen you will notice that they look yellow and have small long oval-ish leaves and the top right side is when the dandelion starts to die and is getting ready to spread its seeds. It’s not just a weed or plant that when you blow it you get a wish. It has other uses to. They are also very good in a salad when you stir fry them or boil them. If you have never thought to eat one you should go out and try it.


High Mallow

Malva Sylvestris
Courtesy of®ion=pnw&ctgy=edible_plants

It grows in meadows, roadsides, and disturbed sites and gardens. All leaves are edible raw. Young leaves tend to be tender and less bitter than normal leaves. It is edible raw. Leaves are good to eat as a soup to make it thicker. You can eat seeds raw. Seeds have a tasty, nut-like flavor. Flower buds, flowers and fruits are edible. It only grows in meadows, roadsides, disturbed sites and gardens.


Indian pipe or Ghost Plant

Monotropa Uniflora
Courtesy of®ion=pnw&ctgy=edible_plants

Indian pipe also known as Corpse plant, is really easy to recognize. It grows ten inches tall. It is usually found by dead tree stumps. You can eat it raw or cook it. Too much can be poisonous.



Epilobium augustifolium

Fireweed is a small, slender plant grown in the pacific northwest that flowers purple. This plant is easy to find, and is commonly grows in burned areas, thus the name Fireweed.4765

The entirety of the plant is edible raw including the shoots, flowers, and stems, but be careful if you eat to much this plant may act as a laxative. If your ever stranded, and hungry go pick some Fireweed to eat.

-Will Hopson