Shelter Building Exercise

On Friday, students built shelters using materials found in the woods. They navigated their way through the urban jungle to a secret location using map and compass skills. For legal reasons, we were not able to test out the shelters overnight, but we hope this activity provided some insight into the struggles and joys of survival outside of the classroom.IMG_20150217_112019 IMG_20150217_111938

Snowy Owl at Fern Ridge!

This handsome fella has taken over Tern Island at Fern Ridge reservoir. ODS went to catch a glimpse of the only snowy owl in the Willamette Valley and we succeeded!

Courtesy of Alysha Thompson

Rumors in the birding community have led us to believe that this owl got the boot from the Arctic. The larger, more seasoned males tend to pick on the younger birds while competing for mates. Having fled the abuse of the Arctic flock, this young bachelor is finding it hard to blend in among the black rocks of Tern Island. We are lucky to have seen him!

Courtesy of Alysha Thompson