Congratulations Kyle Wickham!

The Jubokko Blood Forest (Part One)

Kyle Wickham, a senior at ODS, has published a short story on He has distinguished himself among staff and students for his achievement in this publication. Kyle consistently demonstrates determination and pride in his work, which is evident in his newly published story. We look forward to his future accomplishments and are proud to have him here at ODS.

“A hunk of bark began to peel from the tree, moulding into the shape of a man until  man of bark stood with his back to an exposed ripe patch. Something clung together, clad from bark, shouldn’t have moved with such grace.”

Kyle’s relief print made in the art class

The Personal Finance class tracked their spending….

And here are our results…

Our class of about ten collected grocery receipts for two weeks and this is what we found: ODS loves processed foods!Pie chart

According to NPR’s food blog, our results are not far off from the US population. Processed foods have made a huge jump on the spending ladder in the past 30 years.

pm-gr-foodprices-462-03Still, our class encountered a difference in opinions; Are healthy foods more costly, or cheaper than processed foods? We spent the most money on processed foods, but we also bought the highest quantity of these foods. Fruits and vegetable tend to have less calories per dollar than processed foods and sweets.

This article from NPR demonstrates Why Processed Food Is Cheaper Than Healthier Options.

However, the government found that healthy food is no more costly than junk food.

Our conclusion: Gathering data is a complicated process with many factors that can skew our results. Politics, nutrition science and food availability make it nearly impossible to reach a conclusion!


Cascades Raptor Center


Have you been out to Cascades Raptor Center? Students at ODS spent their week of Field Education with the raptors. Over the humming of chainsaws on the job site, students were able to learn and work among the resident animals.

The Raptor Center had a close call last summer when a fire on Spencer Butte forced an evacuation of resident and rehab birds. Considering the heavily wooded setting at the Raptor Center, the staff requested that ODS and Northwest Youth Corps’ CCC work to fire-proof the perimeter. One week and many chainsaws later, the Raptor Center can feel at ease about the safety of the birds.