Fibonacci Sequence


The Fibonacci sequence repeats in the growth of the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom from the buds on a succulent, to the shell of a nautilus.

As a class, we applied the Fibonacci sequence to artwork. The tiles of our classroom offered us a grid, which we used to align autumn leaves in a Fibonacci spiral. Andy Goldsworthy helped inspire our work after watching his documentary, “Rivers and Tides.” Below are some examples of Mr. Goldsworthy’s work.

By Kyle Wickham


GrassRoots Garden

If you have not visited GrassRoots Garden, a trip up Coburg Rd. is a must. This Food for Lane County garden provides food security to all of Lane County and serves as a model for urban farmers throughout the region.

GrassRoots Garden
GrassRoots Garden

Our trip to GrassRoots was set up to show the students how they could get involved in the local community. There are opportunities for learning in each garden activity, from harvesting and packaging produce to preparing and cooking the volunteer lunch. GrassRoots is where people from all areas of the community come together and grow food for one another.

Merry and the group showing off our fall colors.