Position Description

The Seasonal Stewardship Program (SSP) is an innovative AmeriCorps program designed to provide hands on training and experience to those interested in pursuing employment with conservation corps, land and water resource management agencies, and other outdoor careers. The SSP integrates team-based work projects, education, and on-site vocational training into an experience that prioritizes personal growth, and the development of conservation work skills. Participants will develop technical skills working on a variety of conservation projects while developing the soft skills needed to be successful in the outdoor industry.

The Native American Conservation Corps (NACC) is an SSP program that is part of an ongoing partnership between Northwest Youth Corps and Mount Rainier National Park. Members will work primarily with Mount Rainer National Park staff on high-priority conservation projects. The NACC program also seeks to provide opportunities for members to engage with different Tribes in presentations and service learning projects, learning how they manage their resources.


Duties and Responsibilities

Training: The primary focus of the SSP program is to prepare members for fulltime employment with a combination of field work activity and industry-recognized trainings. Program participants will receive some or all of the following trainings and certifications depending on their crew’s primary work focus: Wilderness First Aid, Chainsaw Operation, Leadership, Trail Construction and Maintenance, Brush Cutter Operation, Resource Management, CPR, Conflict Resolution, and Map and Compass Orienting.

Work Project Participation: SSP Participants will be part of a six person crew led by one staff member. Participants are responsible for the safe completion of assigned work projects in a timely manner to predetermined specifications under the direction of their Crew Leader.

Development: SSP AmeriCorps participants participate in educational group discussions at least two times a week. An Individual Development Plan will be created by each member to foster self-improvement and reflection as the program progresses. 

Hours: Crews will spend up to 9 days at a time living and working as a crew on high-priority conservation projects on work spikes. Days between spikes will be balanced between days off, cultural excursions, educational lessons, and recreational opportunities.

Required Qualifications

  • At least 19 years old
  • Education-Minimum of a high school degree or working towards a high school degree. Course work in education, leadership, resource management, and recreation preferred.
  • Experience-Applications will be reviewed considering all past work experience, outdoor recreation background, and volunteer experience relevant to this position. Prior experience in environmental studies, outdoor recreation, resource management and familiarity using hand tools is desirable.
  • Experience and certification in First Aid is not required but strongly encouraged.
  • Physical Condition-All applicants must be in good physical condition and capable of working long hours on strenuous, labor intensive projects. Work projects often require heavy lifting, constant bending, digging, and extensive backcountry travel. Applicants must be able to backpack 12 miles and lift up to 50 lbs.
  • Due to the possible remote nature of this program, applicants must be comfortable with extremely limited contact with the outside world.   There may be no opportunities for internet access and mail, and cell service may be extremely limited.
  • Must meet eligibility requirements set forth by AmeriCorps for a term of national service
  • Ability to provide evidence of Tribal Affiliation

Ages Session Dates
19+ NACC Seasonal Stewardship Program June 23 – Sept. 12

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